Monday, October 01, 2012

Shock: Guy who works for a warmist bank argues that CO2-induced bad weather can be prevented by vastly increasing capital flows through warmist banks

'We need a capital markets framework for low-carbon transition' | Nick Robins | Environment |
It's no secret what needs to happen. Capital will flow if there is investment-grade policy in place: clear and enforceable short-, medium- and long-term targets with effective incentives (and removal of disincentives such as fossil fuel subsidies)...In the first half of 2012 alone, Germany's public finance arm, KfW, allocated €12.1bn to climate and the environment, offering powerful lessons to the UK's emerging green investment bank. Growing investor interest in low-carbon infrastructure could also be met at the margin by fiscal support to buy-down construction risks for investors through loan guarantees or the credit enhancement of project bonds. And in terms of focal areas, the top priority must be energy efficiency where global progress has lagged that of renewables on the supply side. Here, the UK could become a world leader in energy efficiency financing if it gets the green deal right, constructing a smooth conveyor belt between residential renovation and the bond portfolios of ISAs and pension funds.
...Nick Robins is HSBC's head of Climate Change Centre of Excellence
Flashback: New report finds USD174bn of climate-themed bonds  | Climate Bonds
“Investor interest in the link between bonds and climate change is growing and this report shows that the value of climate-themed bonds is 24 times bigger than the ‘green bonds’ issued by development banks”, says Nick Robins, Director at the HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence.

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